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​Continued Statewide Expansion of Parents for Parents Program
WSPAC supports continued statewide expansion of the Parents for Parents Program for families in the dependency court system including start-up of new program sites and implementing an expanded program component within all current programs.​​

Family Assessment Response (FAR)

​WSPAC supports an increase in the amount of time a family has to participate in FAR as mandated by state law to ensure all families in Washington state are afforded the opportunity to benefit from the concrete support and services FAR provides to improve or restore family well-being.


Parent Child Visitation

​WSPAC supports inclusion of parent-child visitation in the foster care forecast to ensure that the Children's Administration has adequate funding to promote early and frequent visitation as a remedial service, and the convening of a parent-child visitation workgroup to improve the effectiveness of the visitation process for children and families.

Housing - Source of Income Discrimination

In partnership with Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, WSPAC supports the passage of legislation that prevents landlords from denying prospective tenants based on their source of income including, Section 8, SSI and TANF.  This will help ensure more equitable outcomes for vulnerable individuals and families in Washington state, especially those experiencing poverty.

2017 Legislative Agenda