WSPAC parents meet with Rep. Ruth Kagi to discuss the Washington State Parent Advocacy Committee's legislative agenda for 2015.  

(October 2014)

Our actions, along with the hard work of other advocates and organizations contributed to the passage of the following:


  • HB 1553 which creates a Certificate of Restoration of Opportunity which helps remove barriers to employment for individuals with criminal records who have successfully changed their lives.

  • Full funding for Family Assessment Response (FAR) to be implemented statewide so that all families in Washington state have access to this pathway of investigation.


  •  SB 5486 which  provides funding to sustain and expand the Parents for Parents Programs that serve families in the child welfare dependency court system.


  • SB 6095 which ensures that the Adoption and Safe Families Act (AFSA) list of permanent disqualifiers is used by the Children’s Administration instead of the more restrictive DSHS Secretary’s list when assessing the capacity for rehabilitated individuals with a criminal history or founded finding to safely care for vulnerable children.  

  • HB 2519 which supports continued early learning opportunities for children involved in the child welfare system.   

  • Increased funding for additional staff and support to ensure the successful implementation of the Family Assessment Response system.


  • SB 6555, which created an alternative to traditional investigation for qualifying cases of child abuse and neglect called a Family Assessment Response (FAR).

  • HB 2264, which institutes performance-based contracting system within our state's child welfare system.​​

  •  SB 6315, Fair Tenant Screening Act and takes the first step breaking down a major barrier to entering housing - requiring landlords to provide a list of the information sought in a tenant screening for rental, and a list of reasons a tenant may be denied and to give notice to a tenant as to why they were denied rental


  •  HB 1284, Children of Incarcerated Parents Bill which amends our laws in order to give the courts authority and guidance to delay filing a petition to terminate parental rights when a parent’s incarceration or prior incarceration is a significant factor in why the child has been in foster care for 15 of the last 22 months, provided that the parent maintains a meaningful role in the child’s life.     


  •  SB 5565, Background Check bill establishes a committee to look at a more equitable and fair process for those that have transformed their lives and are now seeking to be employed by an organization that serves children and families and/or looking to be a placement option for relative children in state foster care. ·         

  • SB 5568, Fair Tenant Screen Act Part 2 -provides privacy protection for those who have been victims of abuse and provides protection for those that have prevailed in Eviction Court.

The WSPAC brings the parent voice into the development of child welfare policy and practice; promotes improved and equitable outcomes for all children and parents regardless of their race, gender, or circumstance; and advocates for parent leadership in the direct service, training, and public awareness activities that strengthen and support those families.